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The Prairie Waters Working Group (PWWG) has diverse interests and capabilities which are united by a common goal: contributing to a greater understanding of the dynamics of the natural ecological communities which exist in the wetlands, rivers and lakes of the Northern Great Plains of North America. The PWWG recognizes that much of this work had been assumed by senior governments and even academia in previous decades, which has worked well in the past. More recently, those same governments and institutions are facing increasing demands on limited taxation revenues. While it is important that governments retain their roles as policy makers and regulators, their ability to engage directly in the acquisition of scientific data has also become limited.

New developments in technology can now deliver the landscape mapping and hydrographic information required by industry, resource managers and public policy makers to address complex issues such as adaptation to the impacts of climate change or responding to threats posed by invasive species and their impacts on ecosystems and infrastructure. These technologies are accessible at a variety of levels, enabling personnel with the appropriate level of training (and certification where applicable) to work on projects varying from provincial, state or regional planning down to farm operators managing for best practices on their agricultural or range lands.

The PWWG will utilize the already well-documented landscapes of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve and beyond to develop technical training and assessment protocols and procedures which can be applied to other regions. It is understood that there are many conservation and planning organizations and consultancies already established, and which do valuable work; the PWWG welcomes their participation wherever it suits their objectives.